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  • a2theb 2 days ago
    @LuckyBitcoin As an aside: that one doesn’t show on mobile…
  • LuckyBitcoin ADMIN 2 days ago
    @a2theb this site is not for mobile for now .. It is made for destop
  • a2theb 2 days ago
    @LuckyBitcoin Just noted it since I recently saw someone talking about using this site via mobile. It’s not a prob for me. (I meanwhile know the URL from my mind. lol)
  • BTCXUP.COM BOT 2 days ago
    Lottery have been ended! Congratulations for all winners
  • piotrbah 2 days ago
    Hello everyone
  • AussieStar MOD 1 day ago
    @LuckyBitcoin Guess thats why most people dont come here lol 90% off the time now we use mobile daily
  • BTCXUP.COM BOT 1 day ago
    AussieStar Won 0.00000112 in Dice
  • BTCXUP.COM BOT 1 day ago
    AussieStar Won 0.00000140 in Dice
  • BTCXUP.COM BOT 1 day ago
    AussieStar Won 0.00000216 in Dice
  • GameWatch21 19 hours ago
    Wow nice you are winning on the dice, since i lose all XD
  • GameWatch21 19 hours ago
    Well im using mobile now even yeah it is too laggy and i need use desktop version to withdraw
  • LuckyBitcoin ADMIN 18 hours ago
    I will try to update site ASAP to be friendly for mobile
  • sburks14 12 hours ago
    can someone tell me whats the withdraw linit for ethereum
  • sburks14 11 hours ago
    i cant withdraw my ethereum
  • sburks14 7 hours ago
    why i cant withdraw my ethereum

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